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 Tactics for defending them edges lol

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Tactics for defending them edges lol Empty
PostSubject: Tactics for defending them edges lol   Tactics for defending them edges lol EmptySun Feb 01, 2009 7:35 pm

While in SSBB you need to be good at defending edges and also recovering.

Defence: First you need to weaken your opponents and then hitting them far off the platform. After this you have 8 options:

1. Jump off the edge and knock them further away, or down wards with a meteor smash, Ex- Samus' dair when they are below you
2. You can try and shoot, throw projectiles to send them further out
3. You can let them grab the edge and attack them while they are hangging there, Ex- Lucas' a down
4. Let them grab the edge and let them get up, but attack them first too send them back
5. Finally, if you hit them far enough, watch them fall to their death as they try to recover
6. You can also short jump and grab the edge and edge hog, or you can run full speed toward the edge and then hit the other direction causing you to grab the edge
7. If you have more lives than your opponent you can sacrifice yourself by using ganondorf's b over in the air, or any other attack that causes you to fall with your opponent
8. Another option(only for expert brawlers) is to jump down and jump off their head causing them to go further down

Recovering: After you have taken damage and are hit hard and sent off the stafge. You have 8 options:

1. First is to grab the edge and hit a or b to attack them while getting up
2. Another thing to do after grabbing the edge is to jump over them and recover
3. You can also press the shield button and over to roll right after climbing up the edge
4. If they are good defenders you can try to shoot something at them causing them to be caught off guard
5. Another option is to use a grab attack/chain, samus, T. link, or link
6. The last option is to use their b up to hurt your opponent, Ex- links b up
7. If you are being a person with good jumping and a good b up, Ex- kirby, pit, metaknight..., and are on a small stage, you can try to go under the stage all the way around to the other side. Unfortunately you maybe open to attacks.
8. The most basic way is to just land on the platform and attack

I hope these tips help, if you think of any more startegies then post here. Also feel free to ask any questions.

Double edge guarding:

[url=""]YouTube - Double edge guard.[/url]

Really good edge guard:

[url=""]YouTube - Ike Edgeguard on Fox[/url]

Another good edge guard wario style:

[url=""]YouTube - Wario edgeguard[/url]

new tip- Double jumping is your friend, you can use it to jump near the edge and fair, dair, or any other air attack to recover. Use the second jump to your advantage in any way possible to evade your opponents attacks

Gale guarding:

[url=""]YouTube - SSBB Link Guide: The Art Of Link[/url]

its the 2nd to last move

Extra facts:

Now, say you get hit off the stage and our trying to recover with a standard
recovery move, such as Up + B. Chances are, if you're up against a strategic
opponent, he/she will be guarding the edge, ready with a sword (Marth, Roy) or
charging down smash (Falco, Fox). You need to be able to avoid these attacks
while you recover. This is a perfect example of a situation in which you need
to utilize the invincibility frames you have when you first grab the ledge. In
a technique known as 'sweetspotting', you either barely reach the edge, or you
reach the edge in time so that you are invincible by the time your opponent's
attack occurs. You'll notice that when you are off the stage and approach a
ledge, your character grabs the ledge before he touches it. Every character has
a different 'ledge grab range', as I call it. Ness has a considerable grab
range. To use sweetspotting, you need to be familiar with this range. When you
are knocked off the stage and are trying to make it back, you'll either be above
the edge, or below the edge. What you need to be able to do is position
yourself so that you can use a recovery move (most likely Up + B; Side + B in
some cases), and at the end of that recovery move, you'll barely be in range of
the ledge so that you can grab it. Since Fox is my primary character, I can
give you a good example. Say Roy is up on the ledge of Final Destination
waiting with his 'B' move, and Fox has been knocked off below the ledge and is
trying to get back up. What this Fox needs to do is to position himself
directly underneath the ledge, and then fall a bit and use his Firefox (Up + B)
move. If he has executed this correctly, he will fall short of the ledge by an
extremely small amount, but because of his grab range, will hang and attain
invincibility for a fraction of a second. From here, Fox can either wait for
the defender's move to end (if it occurred right when he reached the ledge), or
drop down (if the he's not going to be invincible when the defender's move takes
place). To practice this type of vertical sweetspotting, get a general idea of
the maximum height of your character's vertical recovery move (assuming he/she
has one) and then practice on any course with a ledge, preferably Final
Destination or Hyrule Temple. Drop down low enough so that you will just barely
make the edge, and then use the move. If you go higher than the edge, then you
are vulnerable to attack. Also, your character may or may not have a horizontal
recovery move. Fox, for example, has his (Side + B) move that can be used to
sweetspot the edge by instantly grabbing the ledge. Whoever your character may
be, experiment with his/her sweetspotting capabilities and you should have found
a technique that suits your usual match-ups best.
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Tactics for defending them edges lol Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tactics for defending them edges lol   Tactics for defending them edges lol EmptySun Feb 01, 2009 7:48 pm

Try using this on the vids.

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Tactics for defending them edges lol Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tactics for defending them edges lol   Tactics for defending them edges lol EmptySun Feb 01, 2009 8:01 pm

Wow thats alot XD
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Tactics for defending them edges lol Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tactics for defending them edges lol   Tactics for defending them edges lol Empty

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Tactics for defending them edges lol
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